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Keycap Collection #1
Keycap Collection #1
Keycap Collection #1
Keycap Collection #1
Keycap Collection #1
Keycap Collection #1
Keycap Collection #1

Keycap Collection #1

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Thank you for your interest in my limited edition artisan keycaps :)

Each base keycap has been cast from high-quality epoxy resin and colored with various dyes, shimmers, or inserts. The resin cast keycaps range from translucent to semi-translucent, which allows LED lighting to illuminate through the base. Each keycap is fully-functioning with a stable stem. While there is some visible microbubbling (efforts have been made to reduce this as much as possible without access to a vacuum chamber) this is purely cosmetic and does not affect the structure of the keycap.

The Ramen style keycaps incorporate wood filament, polymer clay, UV resin and Alaskan moss. All base keycaps are cast from Cherry height (R3 & R4) molds. The top charms increase the total height for the keycaps. Please contact me if you would like exact measurements for any of the keycaps.

Refer to the images and select from the following:

A - Big Ramen Bowl: $35 (1 in stock)
B - Big Ramen Bowl: $35 (1 in stock)
C - Medium Ramen Bowl: $30 (1 in stock)
D - Small Ramen Bowl: $30 (1 in stock)
E - Small Ramen Bowl: $30 (1 in stock)
F - Medium Ramen Bowl: $30 (1 in stock)
G - Cat Bowl: $15 (3 in stock)
H - Heart Bowl: $15 (1 in stock)
I - Pink Rice Cake: $15 (1 in stock)
J - Pink Ramen: $20 (7 in stock)
K - Taiyaki: $15 (2 in stock)

L - Dango: $20 (5 in stock)
M - Rice Cake: $15 (6 in stock)

N - Ramen: $20 (5 in stock)
O - Pink Sakura: $20 (3 in stock)
P - Purple Sakura: $20 (4 in stock)
Q - Red Sakura: $20 (3 in stock)
R - Blue Flower: $10  (1 in stock)
S - Yellow Flower: $10 (1 in stock)
T - Pink Flower: $10 (2 in stock)
U - Star Power: $15 (2 in stock)
V - Rose Cake: $10 (1 in stock)

Each keycap is carefully assembled, assessed, and determined to meet quality standards which are consistent to what is presented in the product photos. Minor differences and other small irregularities mark its distinction as a unique and handmade item.

Photos are taken as true to color as possible, but please kindly understand that colors may vary slightly do to monitor and/or phone settings.

Please make sure to review my Shop Policy before purchasing :)