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I placed my order, but haven't received an email confirmation?
Please check your email's Spam folder. Unfortunately, sometimes gmail or icloud addresses tend to regard emails from my website as spam. If you've checked and it's still not there, please contact me to confirm that the correct email was given during checkout.

Do you ship to my country?
Please refer to my Shipping Information page for Eligible Countries, and how to request exceptions.

Can I ship something to a friend (as a gift)?
Yes; just add their shipping address in checkout. The packing slip never includes any price information.

My package has not arrived yet... where is it?
If you haven't received a confirmation email, please check your Spam folder and unmark my website emails as spam. You should receive another email once your order is finished processing and has been shipped (including its tracking number). Please refer to my Shipping Information page.

All the items are show in USD (American Dollar) so I can't buy?
You can buy, you will just need to add them to your cart, and then the currency will convert.



Can I request a different chain length or chain color?
Occasionally; currently my standard for necklaces are 18" for silver chains and 19" for bronze chains. Please DM or contact me for length changes or chain color substitutes. All chain length alterations must be requested prior to purchase!

Do you take commissions?
At the moment, no. Please check back later. - Last updated 03/26/2021

What if I have sensitive ears or skin allergies?
Please see my Allergy Information page.



What paint do you use for the wood items?
I use water-resistant Posca paint pens and/or india ink. I may very rarely also incorporate acrylic paint.

What do you use for glue?
I use a two-part epoxy resin which is not a "glue" but a strong thermoset adhesive.

What is plexiglass?
It's a type of plastic which is used as a shatterproof alternative to glass.

Do you make everything yourself?
I use a lasercutter to trace & burn images I design and prepare in digital software, then I assemble everything by hand. Each item is made-to-order, and I don't have any assistants.